Friday, August 7, 2015

31 week bump date

I was so much better at updating my pregnancy with Kyler, I guess blame the excitement of having your first baby! I haven't done a belly update since 19 weeks, so I thought it was time to do one! 

Due date:  October 9th 2015 (but I am sure she will come early)

How far along:  31 weeks!

Gender:  Baby girl, Kimber Ryann 

Total weight gain/loss: I have only gained 12 pounds so far this pregnancy, which is nice but also kind of aggravating because with all the risk of Kimber having IUGR I know I need to put on much more weight to ensure she is getting enough nutrients.

Exercise: The most exercise I do in this heat is taking my dog to the bathroom and loading my one year old into the car, its TOO HOT! But soon I am going to start walking at night. 

Stretch marks: So far I don't have any, and I am hoping it stays that way! I never got any with Kyler, so hopefully her sister will be good to me!

Swelling: OMG! Like I said above, this heat! I never really swelled with Kyler, but lately my feet and shins swell if I am outside too long or on my feet. I am staying really hydrated but it is seriously SO uncomfortable when it happens.

Maternity clothes: Unless I am in sweat pants or leggings I am definitely wearing maternity bottoms. I only have two maternity shirts, for the most part I fit into all my other tops.   

Belly button: Its doing that weird flush thing it did when I was pregnant with Kyler. Unless I am laying down, then its still inverted. 

Sleep: HORRIBLE. If I am not waking up to pee, I can't get comfortable. Not to mention the dreams.  

Food cravings:  They have really subsided, the main thing I can think of is Lemonade- which isn't really a food.  

Symptoms:  Heart burn and swelling are the main ones right now. A few braxton hick's contractions which I never had with Kyler, but other than that another easy pregnancy. 

Movement: It varies day to day, some times she is super active- others I have to push on her a little to get her going. She has kicked me a few times in my ribs and hip bone which feel really odd. 

What I miss:  Being able to get up off the couch or out of bed with ease. Being able to bend over to get something with out getting winded. 

What I’m loving:  Kyler is starting to realize there is something definitely going on with my belly and even refers to it as "tissy!" (sissy) 

What I’m looking forward to: HAVING THIS BABY! lol  

Best moment this week: Family photos. Last time I had to do belly photos solo, so it was nice to have D in them this time.

Words of wisdom: Take it easy and don't over do it, always take a break if your feeling tired! I need to remember this! Sometimes I get too busy with Kyler and things going on that I don't listen to my body telling me to take a break!

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