Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hello World

Since I blogged about both of my pregnancies I thought I should dedicate a post to Charlee the same way I did Kyler. I mean, its only fair right?!

So as you know her name was going to be Kimber Ryann, but a few weeks before she was born we decided to change her name. My husbands middle name is Charles, so thats where Charlee came in. Granted when I was newly pregnant I told him I liked the name "Charlie" and he shot it down. It wasn't until my mom put the idea in his head that it would be sweet to name her Charlee, and he really liked the idea that she would be named after him.

Her middle name is Waynette. I know, its kind of odd but I promise the meaning behind it is not. I blogged before about my Grandfather being terminally ill with Pancreatic Cancer. We wanted to commemorate him. His name is Wayne. My mom's name is also Waynette, she always jokes about us naming babies after her and I would always tell her NO WAY! But this fit, this name felt right.

She is named after two very strong men, and has a very large name to live up to but I know she will make us proud. She is very stubborn like both of them already, haha!

Its crazy how you can have two children with the same person and they both look and act totally different. Kyler is fair skinned, light hair and eyes- she takes after Dwight's side of the family more. While Charlee is very olive toned, dark eyes and hair - like my side of the family.

I wish I could say she is an easy baby, and most days she can be but for the most part she is nothing like what I was expecting. Kyler LOVES to sleep, she always has.. Charlee only likes to really sleep at night. Yes, that part is quite nice but there are times I really need her to take more than a 15 minute nap during the day! haha, life still goes on even when she isn't sleeping and momma has stuff to do around here!

Juggling life with a toddler and infant has been.. whats the word I should use here? Hectic? Confusing? Im not sure the best word to describe it with out sounding bitter, which I am not at all. Its been a learn as you go type of deal!

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