Monday, December 7, 2015

The craziness of life

It has been SO long since I posted on here, and in my defense I have good reasoning! I have been SO busy since September, and not by choice. Life has thrown a few curve balls my way lately, and while its been a hectic, difficult road I am still trucking! So here is whats been up!

Obviously I have had my baby by now. We welcomed Charlee Waynette Simon into the world on September 15th at 3:51 pm. She was 4 weeks premature and weighed a tiny 5lbs 9oz, 19 inches long. Her due date was October 9th, but around labor day I began feeling a lot of pain and contractions, I was home in Arizona and almost went to the hospital there but opted to wait to come back to El Paso to be safe. I tried my hardest to wait it out and not go in, but the afternoon of the 14th I had enough.. have you ever chased a toddler around WHILE contracting? Not fun! So my husband came home from work and took me to the hospital. I seriously figured they would send me home, my contractions weren't necessarily consistant enough to be admitted, I just went for the peace of mind. Well, little did I know things were moving along regardless if I was ready or not. When the triage nurse checked me I was 4cm dilated /70% effaced and contracting. I was staying the night. When my dr came to see me he told me that if I was not to 5cm by morning I could go home, that he wouldn't induce me until I was atleast 37 weeks. Come morning sure enough I was 5cm and ready to have a baby. Insert panic. I know I had 8 months to prepare for this but I couldn't believe I was having another baby, let alone Kyler would be a big sister.. I just couldn't wrap my head around it.
I have to say this was the most peaceful and comfortable birth. I had ZERO pain, while I was contracting they weren't to the BAD point where the pain consumes you, just very uncomfortable. Plus I had an awesome epidural, so I literally felt NOTHING! I pushed twice and heard the most precious little cry, she was born. Once I saw Charlee I began crying uncontrollably, she was so tiny. I was so scared that she wasn't ready to be in this world yet. When I say she was tiny, we are talking her head fit snugly in the palm of my hand. Other than being very small (which we knew the whole pregnancy could happen due to the placenta issues) she was perfect and healthy, no NICU stay was needed and she came home with us the next day.

After I came home from having her I became very ill. My stomach issues came back with vengeance and I had a strange pain in my bladder. I waited and waited for it to go away until about the middle of October I was getting fevers and chills, night sweats and pain when using the bathroom that took my breath away and nauseous. I finally went to the ER. Upon doing a CT Scan they found a abscess in my intestines which resulted in a 4 day hospital stay. I went to a civilian hospital which i thought would take great care of me, so not the case. They brushed me off and sent me home with antibiotics. Fast forward to about two weeks ago, I was sick again. This time I went to the military hospital and WOW the care was awesome. The findings.. not so much. I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease officially after findings on my CT scan and blood work. I was once again hospitalized for a few days and now most likely needing surgery to fix a fistula connecting my bowel and bladder. These are common in Crohns patients due to the inflammation. Im not going to go into details about it, but just know things are coming out of places that they shouldn't be coming out of haha. Its so gross.

I am constantly feeling tired and worn out, I have lost a ton of weight and I havent done anything to do so, just use the bathroom. My body can't absorb the nutrients it needs leaving me to whither away it feels some days. I have my good days where I think okay maybe I am going into remission, and then there are the days where I think I need to rush off to the ER. This disease is so unpredictable and hard to manage. I have luckily found a few support groups online that have been very  helpful and I have a very good friend who also has Crohns and a toddler.

My husband and family have been super supportive, and my girls take it pretty easy on me. Well, I guess I should say Kyler does, Charlee doesn't do much other than eat and sleep!

Soon we are leaving to Fort Riley, and I am pretty excited but nervous. It sucks to leave and start over new somewhere, kind of like being the new kid in school all over again. With the move I know that means the chances of D deploying again soon rises and the stress of moving, these arent good for my disease but hopefully I can cope and handle it without flaring up.

Christmas is right around the corner and it has been SO fun celebrating with Kyler this year! She is learning who Santa is and seems to be excited about him. She is so not the girly girl I was hoping for when I was pregnant with her, sure she dresses girly but personality wise she is all tom boy! So for christmas she got an indoor trampoline, she LOVES to jump and some dinosaur toys / books. Since we are going to Arizona to spend the holiday she is getting her trampoline today when it comes in the mail and the rest on christmas day.

Surprisingly, she has taken very well to her new little sister. The first week or so was quite the challenge and we still have our bad days but for the most part she loves her and is happy to help!

I hope everyone is having a very happy holiday season. I think I may gear my blog more towards the crohns aspect of things, just because there isn't much to blog about in my home life anymore, haha. Pretty much the same thing every day around here. But we will see, this journey is going to take me somewhere just not sure where yet. If I can help others with it I would love to, its going to be a learn as I go type of thing for now. :)

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  1. Congrats on Charlee's arrival! And it's good that you finally have a diagnosis. It seemed really tough on you just having to wait. Praying your surgery goes well!