Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Finally back to blogging

WOW! That was quite the hiatus! After Charlee was born things got SO crazy and my blog seriously just took the back burner. I was going to write a whole detailed post about everything that has happened but that would take FOR-EV-ER.. so I am going to give y'all a quick run down on whats been going on in our neck of the desert.

I am pretty sure I wrote a post about finally being diagnosed with Crohns Disease, I have written about this before on here so if you have followed me for a while you know mostly about this journey.

We started 2016 off with scheduling surgery to remove a fistula (basically a tunnel) that was connecting my bladder to my bowels, and a large portion of inflamed bowel. My mom moved in with us so she could help me with the girls and recovery. January was pretty low key just filing taxes and getting ready for the upcoming surgery.

Feburary is when things got crazy. We decided we no longer wanted to live in our small two bedroom apartment anymore, so we finally moved into post housing and LOVE it! We got assigned a 4 bedroom, 3 bedroom home in a newer comminity off post.

But before we moved I had to have surgery. February 9th I was wheeled back into an 8 hour surgery to remove the entire right side of my colon and the top of my bladder. My appendix also came out in the process just because mine was abnormally close to my colon. Let me tell you, you don't know pain until you have been cut open, WOW! I was in the hospital for a week trying to recover, and it was not an easy road by any means. My bowels had trouble waking up and staying awake, I had a foley catheter in because I couldn't use my bladder, my lung was partially collapsed from being under anesthesia so long, I got dehydrated from pain meds and not being able to eat or drink anything for days, and so much more. Through all that hell though I feel so much better and think my Crohns is on its way to remission with the help of my Humira injections.

About a week after my surgery my Grandpa "Papa" passed away from his fight with Pancreatic Cancer. I had never been so heart broken in my life, and still miss him so much. Although it was hard to say goodbye to the most influential person I knew, I was happy he wasn't suffering anymore. My oldest daughter Kyler still talks about him frequently and will tell me odd things that make me believe he is still around me. Thats all I really want to touch on for that topic, its still a sore spot in my heart. :(

March was pretty uneventful, thank the Lord! Other than a huge Easter party at our new house.  April we celebrated Kyler turning two in true Frozen fashion. She recently became obsessed with Frozen and Elsa so we had a big party for her! She had a jump house, bbq feast and way too many presents! I seriously can not believe she is two!! She talks better than most 3 & 4 year olds, and just so incredibly smart! Ever since her party she has been obsessed with birthdays, haha!

So thats personal life whats been happening! Army life is well, too! We are still at Fort Bliss but not for much longer (boo, i love it here). My husband recently signed a contract for 6 more years in the Army but we are moving in September- back to North Carolina. Part of me is excited and part of me is really sad. I love my new house and all the friends I have made here and my neighbors. Hopefully I will find the same fun group there, I think thats all military spouses fear- moving and not finding great friends again. The upside of it is he got a GREAT bonus, so I am ready for that to come in so I can do some retail therapy! I think I deserve it.

These days I am still at home with the girls, watching too many hours of Disney jr (Mickey Mouse to be exact) and staring at laundry that I know I need to fold. Charlee is 7 months old now and still super tiny, she only weighs about 16lbs. Maybe thats normal? Kyler was a chunk so its hard to say! She is trying to learn to crawl and loves playing with her big sister. I am hoping to potty train kyler in the next few weeks, but not rushing it! So not looking forward to it haha. We spend most of our days playing with our friends up the street or outside playing and eating popsicles, thank goodness for desert living!

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